10 Great Motorcycle Safety Tips

10 Great Motorcycle Safety Tips

When it comes to getting from one place to another, motorcycles are as effective as a motor vehicle. However, the only drawback of travelling by bike is that they are not as safe as cars. People used to travelling by car usually take all the safety features for granted but if they have to use a bike once in a while, they may be in for a surprise.

If a motorcycle is involved in a crash or collision, all the force of the collision is borne by the bike and the biker directly as motorcycles do not have an exterior frame to absorb the crash force. Despite the drawbacks, those who love to ride bikes are not let down because of the lack of safety features. They can still enjoy a motorcycle ride by following these top 10 motorcycle safety tips.


1. Take a motorcycle safety course

The first and most important thing for any motorcyclist to do is to take a course in motorcycle safety. These courses are offered in all states, but they are not mandatory. They are aimed at teaching motorcyclists about safety and traffic safety laws that apply to motorcycles. The courses also teach how to respond to emergency situations and motorcyclists can also try out new skills in a controlled environment.

2. Wear the right gear

Getting the right kind of gear to wear while you ride a bike is crucial. You just don’t have to look good on your bike, you also have to feel protected in case there is an accident. A lot of motorcyclists wear leather as it is strong and can protect the skin of the rider if they fall and slide along the surface of the road due to any road hazard. Specialized motorcycle gear is also available, which includes vented motorcycle jackets and armored motorcycle gear.

3. Protect your feet

Wearing the right shoes is also very crucial to ride safely. Open-toed shoes do not have a strong grip and they can become painful very fast as you lift your toes to shift gears. Your feet can also burn because the engine and exhaust system of the bike get hot very fast. Open toed shoes like flip-flops can also slip off, so you want sturdy shoes when riding a motorcycle as they are the only protection your feet have on a bike. Choose rugged shoes as shoes that have smooth soles may cause slipping. You will also need shoes that have a firm grip as you use your feet to balance when you stop at a sign. Boots made of durable material with low heel and sturdy ankle support provide better protection.

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