Buying an air cleaner to counter the high air pollution levels? This air purifier buying guide aims to assist you take the best decision.

Buying an air cleanser is tricky. With no industry standards set up in India, individuals are susceptible to the brands. The values of air purifiers can cover anything from anywhere between Rs 8,000 and Rs 1 lakh. There are many things to consider before buying an air purifier. It is very important to endure the specifications of every model and not blindly believe the sales executive. This buying guide is designed to help you take an informed decision.

Items to remember first

Prior to you heading off to buy an air cleaner, note the following:

  1. Note how big is the space (preferably in square metres) where you desire to install an air purifier
  2. Remember that portable home air cleaners are meant to appeal to just one room
  3. Avoid Ionizers, UV light-based models. These home air cleaners release ozone as a byproduct which may have undesireable effects.
  4. The expense of replacing air filter and electricity costs should always be kept in mind. For best results, air purifiers must be kept running always.

Certifications to keep in mind

Type of Filter


What is ACH?

Other activities to notice: