The Ten Best Motorcycles For A Beginner

The Ten Best Motorcycles For A Beginner

So you’ve decided to join the motorcycle cult, but you don’t know what’s a good first bike. One of these ten should do the trick.

10.) Honda CRF250L


A small dual-sports like this Honda here is a versatile option for a beginning rider. You can practice on dirt, and still enjoy the bike on the street.

Dual-sports are also an excellent choice for pothole-ridden cities thanks to their long suspension travel.

9.) Buell Blast

buel blast

Wes Siler, the word’s best motorcycle-and-dog-camping blogger, described the Blast as one of the “most boring bikes ever made.” Indeed, it’s design was highly compromised, but it still makes an excellent first bike.

As commenter shootemupy2k notes, the 500cc single cylinder has enough low end torque to make things easy but not so much power you’ll get in trouble, and the seating position is excellent.

8.) KTM Duke 390

ktm duke

This lightweight from KTM would make an excellent entry-level bike, especially if you can find a used one. JohnnyWasASchoolBoy can explain:

“It’s got enough motor to be highway-worthy and to keep you from being in the way in traffic; but not so much that you’ll put yourself into a mailbox. It’s got a good centre-of-gravity, it looks cool, and the fact that it’s a single cylinder makes it a little more mechanically simple.”

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